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Our Vision

At Mayfield Coaching and Consultancy, we work with individuals and organisations to help them clarify their goals and objectives and get the desired results.

Our aim is to help individuals to operate at their very best and find fulfillment in what they do, and to enable organisations to work smarter and more productively.

A specialist in working with SMEs, not-for-profits and the public sector, we provide a tailored and cost-effective service.

For a free coaching taster session please contact us today. We’ll then get in touch with you to arrange an introductory session. For more detailed information about what you can expect from the session, please download our guide.

If you would like to discuss your organisation’s consultancy needs, or would like to book a free diagnostics session, please contact us to arrange.

This free session will help you to honestly assess the health of your business and decide on your business development requirements.

Why choose us


When considering a major life or career change or altering the the way you run your business, it's important to make good decisions that you can live with. Without coaching or consultancy support, it can be very difficult to focus on the right questions, by purely considering issues or different avenues on your own. You will be naturally drawn to safe questions that may just support the status quo, rather than challenging questions that can lead to different possibilities opening up. You may be surprised how cost effective our packages of support are and may want to ask yourself 'can I afford to not get this right?'

Tailored input

Our packages of coaching are always tailored to the needs of each individual we work with. We spend considerable time evaluating needs and what exactly someone wants out of the coaching journey. We then work with you, using innovative and engaging tools and techniques, to focus on what is right for you at this time. We also check regularly that the coaching input is working for you, so we can change direction if necessary, so that by the end, you come out with a plan of action to get the results you want to see.


By getting you to think about issues from different perspectives and using a variety of different techniques, the experience of coaching is a creative process which enables you to look at issues you face differently. It is always focused on solutions and decisions and a plan of action but the way we get you to reach this point is a creative and interesting journey. This can include getting you to think about and reflect on things that you've found inspirational or motivating in the past, to help you to overcome barriers that may be stoping you moving forward now.

Mayfield's Team

portrait photo of Tim Fordham


Coach & Consultant

Experienced and successful life, career and business coach, with significant senior leadership experience, qualified in executive coaching and leadership mentoring. Also experienced in consultancy within the SME, not­for­profit and public sectors, with particular expertise in facilitating growth and change.
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Professional CV Writer

Professional writing, copy-editing and proofreading services and specialist in creating clear, and jargon-free content.

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We provide professional coaching and consultancy services that can offer you or your business with an invaluable set of skills to help you become more productive, focused and happier in what you do. Please contact us with your enquiry.