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Ideal if you feel you're lacking focus in your life

It's really useful to have someone completely impartial to your situation asking you pertinent and incisive questions, helping you to look at things from a new perspective to consider what you could do and the different options available, and assisting you in making some clear plans for a way forward. This could be in relation to a big life change or major personal challenge that you need help in working through. Examples could be returning to work after time away, facing the prospect of redundancy, making a career change, retiring, returning to study, dealing with divorce, coming to terms with an illness, making decisions regarding starting a family, embarking on a new relationship or starting a new chapter in your life after your children have flown the nest.

Using a variety of creative tools and techniques, we’ll get you to explore your options and make positive decisions, both for yourself and for those with whom you share your life. You’ll also discover how to make more time for the things that really matter to you by achieving an improved work-life balance.

We're skilled to help you understand yourself and what motivates you at every stage of the coaching journey, to help you change your self-perception and that of the people with whom you interact. This will help you to face the issues that you’re dealing with and make the positive decisions required to move forward.

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