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Ideal if you feel you're lacking focus in your career

It's really useful speaking to an experienced coach who has no vested interest in the decisions you make can be invaluable when exploring new perspectives and potential new directions. The same can be difficult to do with a partner or friends, who may have a very different perspective and without meaning to, may divert you from exploring possible avenues.

We encourage the joint exploration of options to then produce a practical and realistic plan for you to work towards. This may be a plan to help with the consideration of different ideas, or it may be a very concrete plan to enable you to embark on a new work-life journey.

Whatever your aim, you’ll certainly emerge from the coaching experience with a better idea of what it is that makes you tick and of what you want, with more clarity about a way forward that you’ll feel comfortable with taking.

Using a variety of creative tools and techniques, we’ll explore your options and help you to be proactive in making decisions aligned with your strengths, values and passions. You’ll also discover how to make more time for the things that really matter to you.

We work with senior executives, managers and other professionals, helping them to find career fulfillment and enabling them to make a difference in their chosen field.

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Testimonial area

Having found myself redundant in 2010, after a 20 year career in Civil Engineering (mainly with one firm), I retrained to become a Maths Teacher. After several temporary supply contracts I found myself questioning my choice of career and needing to re-assess what I wanted to do with my remaining working life. It was at this point that I had contact with Tim as a career coach. I found Tim to be excellent to work with, as he enabled me to reassess my goals, to look at what redundancy had meant for me and to consider how to evaluate and prioritise what my objectives were, both professionally and personally. By examining my motivations and seeking to identify what my objectives actually were, as opposed to those that I had inadvertently taken on from others, I was able to see, that whilst my nascent career in teaching had enabled me to show that I could adapt to changing circumstances as the need arose, I did not gain enough career satisfaction on a day to day basis to make it a credible long term option. Given the security I built up as a result of gaining competence in my original chosen field of Highway Engineering - this was a sufficient motivator to re-seek employment in that sector.

Tim enabled me to construct a narrative to explain my employment history, and by talking things through with him, undertaking several exercises and reflecting on our discussions I entered a far more positive frame of mind, regaining confidence and focus. With that more positive approach I was able to revamp my CV through Rachel Vincent, who works with Tim, apply for interviews and follow up other leads, which in turn led me to gain employment within weeks of starting coaching. Coaching gave me a renewed sense of purpose, not only with respect to my work but also with regard to my personal life and my relationship with my wife and three children. I would heartily recommend Tim to anybody who feels a need to renew their sense of purpose, as his structured approach and considered questioning help focus you on what your own priorities are and help build up confidence in addressing seemingly intractable issues.