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We work with small and medium size businesses to help leaders clarify strategy and move towards ambitious yet realistic goals for their business.

Using a variety of techniques, we assist business owners in taking a step back from the everyday running of the business, so that they can take a more objective view and begin to think more strategically, away from the here and now of immediate priorities.

We also make sure that problems are confronted, whether these are staffing or structural business issues. Find out more

Executive Coaching

Drawing on many years of management experience, we’re able to assist clients in getting to the very heart of the issues they face and in moving swiftly to determine solutions and a positive way forward to get the best out of both their work and personal lives. This includes working with senior executives to help them to achieve what they’ve set out to do within their organisations.

As a senior executive, we’ll look in depth at the characteristics that shape the way in which you lead and manage people, and how you interact and communicate to determine ways in which you can influence your teams to get the very best from them.

Often our work is about reconnecting people with their core values, those which in all probability first prompted them to take the path that they’re currently on. Find out more

  • A new perspective

  • Renewed impetus and passion for life

  • Improved understanding of yourself and of how you interact in your relationships

Most people get to a point in life where they feel stuck. It may be that they are facing a difficult situation at home or at work, or that they have a major decision to make, which is hard to face alone or with the people closest to them. If this resonates with you, then coaching may be the answer. Find out more

  • Do you feel stuck in a job that doesn’t really suit?

  • Do you sometimes think “Is this it?” when considering your job and career?

  • Are you fully using your skills and talents?

  • Do you want to explore what it may be like to work for a different company or in a different sector, but are too concerned about the consequences of moving job or changing career?

We have worked successfully with clients to enable them to overcome those obstacles preventing them from moving forward and progressing in their career, or from changing the career path they’re on. Don’t leave it until you are so despondent that it is hard to get re-motivated to discover what else may be out there. Find out more

At Mayfield Coaching and Consultancy, we specialise in the provision of small business, not-for-profit and public sector consultancy, with wide and long-standing experience of the issues and challenges faced within these particular working environments. We operate in close partnership with organisations and bring a broad range of skills to act as advisors and facilitators, as well as mentors and coaches. With a hands-on and pragmatic approach, we are experienced in sharing and implementing best practice tools, techniques and methodologies; supporting business and project management; and providing direction for organisational development to enable successful change initiatives.

We also make sure that problems are confronted, whether these are staffing or structural business issues. Find out more