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Ideal if you want to be more influential and improve the way you lead

Executive coaching is ultimately about improving performance by developing the skills, confidence, motivation and focus to help you to get from where you are to where you want yourself and your organisation to be. Using a variety of creative diagnostic and feedback tools and techniques, including NLP concepts, we’ll get you to explore your options and make positive decisions both for yourself and for your organisation.

We’ll support you in taking a step back to reflect upon your skills and experiences and to think creatively to discover a fresh perspective. We’ll then help you to determine realistic and effective strategies to move your organisation forward, deal with ambiguity or underperformance, drive change or reach important goals.

We’ll also help you to improve your personal effectiveness by gaining a better understanding of your leadership style. This includes looking at how you influence those that you manage and those at a senior level, as well as exploring and questioning perceptions others have of you and those that you have of others with whom you work.

In addition, we’ll encourage greater self-awareness to help you in considering and developing your communication strengths and in gaining increased understanding of others’ communication styles and preferences. In turn, this will enable you to adapt your own style to suit each audience and get your message across to all types of people to better drive the attainment of organisational goals.

You’ll also discover how to optimise your working practices to increase your efficiency and create more time for the things that really matter to you to improve your work-life balance.

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